How to Make Your Own Yogurt at Home

How to Make Your Own Yogurt at Home

Making your own yogurt at home is quite easy. People who make yogurt at home tend to eat more of this healthy food. As making yogurt at home is cheaper, you can eat more yogurt without spending more money. And the best of all, it is fun and convenient to make your own yogurt at home.

Things You Need

There are two main ingredients: milk and yogurt culture. For yogurt cultures, you can buy a yogurt with any of the following cultures.

  • Bulgaricus
  • Acidophilus
  • Bifidus
  • Thermophilus
  • Casei

How to Make Your Own Yogurt at Home

The more is better as all these cultures have their own benefits. You can also use a special starter, like Cultures for Health, instead of yogurt. For milk, you can use full cream milk, 2% milk, or skimmed milk. More fat means thicker and creamier yogurt.

You also need a heavy pot with the lid. A heavy pot keeps the milk warm for longer period of time, which in turns helps the bacteria to work faster and make thicker yogurt.

A thermometer to measure the temperature of the milk is also helpful.

Step 1: Heat the Milk

Heat the ½ gallon of milk to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not boil the milk but stir it gently.

Step 2: Cool the Milk

Let the milk cool down until it reaches around 115 degrees Fahrenheit. You can place your pot in water if you want to speed up the cooling process.

Step 3: Mix the Yogurt or Starter

If you are making your yogurt with commercially available yogurt, mix ½ cup of yogurt in one cup and add it to the ½ gallon of milk. Make sure that the yogurt is mixed properly.

Step 4: Wait

Cover the milk and place it in a warm place. Warm place helps form yogurt quickly. You can place the milk in a turned off oven. It will stay warm for a longer period in the oven.

Your yogurt will be ready till morning. After making your own yogurt at home, keep it in the refrigerator.

How to Get Rid of Garden Pests with Wildflowers

How to Get Rid of Garden Pests with Wildflowers

After working so hard to groom your beautiful garden you cannot leave it to the mercy of pests. People often use pesticide sprays to get rid of the garden pests. However, the use of pesticides is harmful to your health as well as the environment. Not to mention that most pesticides kill our beloved friends like honey bees.

Fortunately, there is a surprising alternative to pesticides: wildflowers. Wildflowers are not only beautiful but also act as natural pesticides by attracting beneficial insects. These insects kill destructive pests; it is like having pest killing army at your service. Getting rid of garden pests is that easy now.

How to Get Rid of Garden Pests with Wildflowers

In past five years, fifteen farms in England have tested the use of wildflowers to control pests and found that they are very effective in attracting all kinds of useful bugs, reported The Guardian. Work is going on to assess the effectiveness of this method for large farms. However, you do not need to wait for the results of these studies. Flowers like red clovers, wild carrots, oxeye daisies, and poppies act as natural pesticides. You can visit the National Wildlife Federation website and obtain a list of beautiful wildflower in your area. These wildflowers need less water and care. Plant them to the right place and get rid of garden pests.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed that wildflowers are a natural way to enhance the health of your garden’s soil and increase its yield. Proceedings of the Royal Society B published in a previous study that wildflowers are effective in reducing pesticide use and counter the damage caused by insects.

Now, when you plan to plant your favorite flowers in your garden, or veggies in your back garden, plan places for wildflower beds as well. This will make your garden more beautiful while helping you get rid of garden pests without pesticides.