What is Meta Casting? Everything You Need to Know About It

What is Meta Casting Everything You Need to Know About It

Casting or metal working is a very popular manufacturing method that has been used for ages to create more durable, versatile products to bring more convenience to human life. Some traditional casting techniques include lost-wax casting, sand casting and plaster mold casting. In this article, we’ll cover only those techniques that are widely used nowadays.

A little introduction to casting

Casting is a manufacturing process that has been used for mass productions for thousands of years. In casting process, molten metal is poured into a specific mould to create a new object. The most common casting products include but are not limited to water hydrants, decorative hardware, gears, precision machinery, value parts, plumbing parts, firefighting equipment, bronze plague, electrical hardware, and other industries.

What is Meta Casting Everything You Need to Know About It

Different casting processes

The following casting methods are quite common. Let’s take a look at them:

Sand casting – Sand casting is appropriate for the production of large, bulky parts. In this process, mould is made from synthetic or natural sand, which is why it’s known as sand casting. Sand castings surface is usually rough or coarse with surface impurities.

Die casting – Die casting is suitable when you want to have an increased dimensional accuracy and a better surface finish. In this process, metal or any other material is forced into a mould at higher pressure. Some die casting products require no machining after casting to achieve desired dimensions. However, light machining can provide you with better results.

Centrifugal casting – It is the best option when you’re after durability. This technique has a wide collection of industrial applications such as spherical glass objects, television picture tubes, boilers, pipes, and flywheels are also shaped by centrifugal casting. Due to centrifugal force, the molten metal is moved towards the mould walls, producing a very fine part.

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