3 Ideas For Remodeling Your Home

3 Ideas For Remodeling Your Home

There are many options for remodeling projects at London Builders, many of which turn into very simple and inexpensive ways of remodeling a home. Check out some of our simple and functional suggestions:

3 Ideas For Remodeling Your Home

Thinking about the environment

With the emergence of this new mindset, more and more home remodeling options with environmentally friendly features and properties are also emerging in the market. For example, if you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, why not use a countertop made of bamboo? You can use the same material to remodel the floor or even the wardrobes in the room. It is a fast growing natural resource, very attractive, sturdy and easy to maintain.

In children’s rooms you can choose to choose another environmentally friendly material, cork. It is a soft material and withstands moisture well, making it also an excellent choice for a basement or attic, which is more prone to such problems.


Sometimes, just changing the floor of a room is enough to achieve a dramatic change in the entire environment. Most homes today have wood or laminate flooring in most rooms and tile or ceramic floors in the kitchen and bathroom. However, there are other quite viable options for remodeling the floor of these spaces. Consider laying natural stone flooring in the kitchen and bathroom for a unique and more luxurious look. It is relatively easy to install and can be cut to appropriate size for the available space.


Give your home a totally different atmosphere by simply changing the windows in each room. Replacing windows can potentially be more energy efficient, as well as providing better thermal and sound insulation. At your disposal you will find a wide range of windows for sale, which can put more emphasis on the decorative or functional aspect. Assess your needs and choose the perfect windows for your home remodeling.

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How to Start Your Home Remodeling Business

How to Start Your Home Remodeling Business

The beauty of home remodeling business is that it blooms in hot as well as cold housing market. When the market is hot and there are many buyers and sellers, the sellers tend to remodel their homes before selling to get a good price; and the most buyers engage in remodeling in the first year of their purchase. It is a win-win for home remodeling business. Following are the steps you need to take to start your home remodeling business.

How to Start Your Home Remodeling Business

Get Your Training and License

If you are completely new to the remodeling business, you need training and certification. However, if you know the trade well, you still need certification. The primary trade association for remodeling industry is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Choose Your Niche

Remodeling is a broad field, and it is mandatory, not optional, for the new businesses to choose their niche. You can choose between remodeling commercial or residential properties. Within these broad niches, you can specialize in remodeling apartments, condos, damaged buildings, or specific architectural styles. In the start, you should choose a niche that is quite narrow. Afterwards, you might consider expanding it.

Build Your Client Network

If you are new to the industry, it is quite probable that you do not have many clients. There are certain steps, however, that you can take to build a solid client network. First, register yourself in The Blue Book of Building and Construction. Then, do some online marketing. Post your ads on classified ads websites, maintain a social media page, and have a basic web presence for your home remodeling business.

The clients often need to see your portfolio: the projects you have done in the past. If you do not have an impressive portfolio yet, consider working as a sub-contractor. This means that you have to share the margins, but it will give you an opportunity to build a portfolio and spread the word.